Brazosport College Major Renovation and Expansion

Project Location: Lake Jackson, TX

Date Completed: November 2011

Owner: Brazosport College

Developer: IDC

Architect: Kirksey

Square Feet: 120,000


The Brazosport College Major Renovation and Expansion project is a 120,000 square foot, multi-phase improvement project for a growing community college. The first phase is the Student Learning Center. The new Student Learning Center is housed in a newly constructed 30,000 square foot, two-level building addition. The space is primarily a gathering space for students and includes a small food service operation and some administrative offices. The second phase was the renovation of the existing library which includes new monumental stairs, a new architectural glass elevator tower, complete new HVAC infrastructure, and over 10,000 square feet of structural in-fill to capture new usable floor space from an open to below portion of the existing second floor. Phase three provides new offices for the College Administration. Monumental stairs and architectural glass elevator towers are a recurring theme throughout the project. The fourth and final phase delivers new teaching space for the schools diverse curriculum including a renovated auditorium, a new teaching kitchen, upgraded space for the Honors Atrium, and a teaching laboratory for massage therapy.

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