Our History

GB1960s.jpgSince the formation of Harvey in 1957 by David Harvey, Sr. and Gerald D. Hines, the company has rapidly grown to be a recognized leader in the building industry, amassing a portfolio of the most impressive buildings in Houston, Texas, as well as our other markets. Being client-oriented rather than market-oriented, we have grown from our Houston base and now have offices in Washington, D.C. since 1986, Austin, Texas since 2001 and San Antonio, Texas since 2007. This has allowed us to become the builder of choice by many distinguished clients on both a local and national level.

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Houston, Texas (Corp HQ)

3630 Westchase
P.O. Box 42008
Houston, TX 77242-2008
Phone: (713) 783-8710 
Fax: (713) 783-5313
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Austin, Texas

8107 Springdale Road
Suite 105
Austin, TX 78724
Phone: (512) 928-9300 
Fax: (512) 928-9331
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San Antonio, Texas

4726 Shavano Oak
Suite 101

San Antonio, TX 78248
Phone: (210) 248-9423 
Fax: (210) 248-9464
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Washington, D.C.

6710A Rockledge Drive
Suite 430
Bethesda, MD 20817
Phone: (301) 519-2288 
Fax: (301) 519-9677
Email: Contact Us